Analytical Digital Marketing

Digital Analytical Marketing and Social Networks

Position your brand, generate leads and sales , interact with your buyers and potential customers, spread important information or messages. Each of these goals requires different Analytical Digital Marketing and Social Networking strategies for companies.
At ADWEB, our Digital Consulting firm for SMEs, we work with you and advise you to define the objectives of your digital strategy, mixing creativity and the power of data to create campaigns that generate value prospects and a quick return on investment (ROI).

Acquisition Campaigns with Google Ads

Our team of Digital Marketing Engineers, certified as Google Premier Partners will create your search engine positioning strategy and lead acquisition campaign. We will design and execute your acquisition campaigns in Google Ads ( previously called Adwords ) to position you in the first search results and thus generate more quality traffic to your website, improve its positioning, obtain leads requests and increase your sales
We constantly measure the relevant indicators (KPIs) to minimize acquisition costs (CPA) and generate more results for each peso you invest.

Acquisition Campaigns on Facebook Ads

A content strategy on Facebook for SMEs is not complete without advertising guidelines and a strategy for acquiring quality leads . We design, execute, measure and analyze the data and results of each campaign to make informed decisions and generate a better return on investment.
We will develop a strategy for Facebook Ads according to the seasonal objectives of your business: increase the reach of the publications, generate leads or use some interactive ad format to improve your online communication.

Inbound Marketing strategies

As part of the Digital Marketing Consulting, we complement your social media and search engine strategy by implementing Inbound Marketing to your digital campaigns, to influence the loyalty of your clients and potential prospects. We focus on increasing your return on investment in digital marketing by designing campaigns that provide valuable content to attract new customers and turn those who have already bought from you into recurring ones.
We design each strategy and analyze the data to deliver the right message, to the right prospect, at the right time, at every stage of the conversion funnel.